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Frozen Grated Summer Truffle in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 oz (114 grams) containers - $30.00*
*Shipping not included

Summer truffles are among the most known and appreciated around the world. They are cultivated out of the ground during the hot part of the year,revealing a black surface maskinga yellowishbrb beige interior. With a long picking season that goes from May to August they are found in greatest abundance. Thanks to their more delicate flavor they are the most versatile of truffles. Terrific for all dishes calling for black truffle.

The most popular of our truffle products is the Grated Black Summer Truffle in Umbrian olive oil which is used in restaurants throughout Italy.   Unlike other truffle preparations, we add no mushrooms, garlic or chemical "flavor enhancers" to our truffles.   Nothing has changed in the preparation of our grated truffles since they were introduced to the tables of Central Italy hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The ingredients remain what they always have been - premium black summer Umbrian truffles, extra virgin Umbrian olive oil, and sea salt.

Restaurants love our grated truffles because they are already prepared and ready to use in a wide array of dishes in the finest olive oil that is hard to find in other parts of the world. This product is also very popular for home use and all those special dinner parties. Available "flash" frozen throughout the year.  

Flash frozen is the one and only preservation method that keeps the truffles flavour and aroma completely intact. Thanks to this innovative process, diners can enjoy the just cultivated taste of the truffle throughout the year. Shipped in convenient 4 ounce containers.

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